Personnel & Support Staff







     Hydra Service Inc. employees 80 highly-trained individuals in the areas of Sales, Service, Machining, Parts, Electrical Rewind/Panel Production, and Support personnel. The 14 sales personnel are highlighted on the Sales page; our 29 Service technicians can be found on Service; the Parts page highlights our parts personnel; our 6 Machinists are featured on the Machine Shop page; and the electrical rewind and panel technicians are found on both those pages respectively.

     Needless to say, our entire organization depends heavily on the Support Personnel and the hardware/software featured below:

New accounting system has the capability of keeping up with pump repair cost by serial number  and/or by customer; this change was instituted based on customer requests on service contracts.
T1 line for real-time bookkeeping for all 3 branches; increased internet, email, and record-keeping speed and accuracy.
Trained on the latest software & accounting procedures.
Fast & friendly service for all our customers!
11 support personnel with various degrees and certifications
Assisting our customers all over the Southeast and beyond!
Ready to serve 24/7!